• A new compulsory standard

    Coutier Industrie created the very first anti-climb device for ladders according to standard ISO 14122-4, an International standard which is now compulsory for all installations involving a machine (in use or in maintenance).

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  • Safety of installations

    Security of industrials and commercials installations has never been so important in one moment where wickedness appears under its most terrible forms. Securing the ladder access ensures the protection against offence, theft, losses and industrial piracy.

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  • A long-term experience

    For 30 years, Coutier Industrie has been securing over 1 million ladders all over the world. Our long-term experience is for you a guarantee of durable solutions, in conformity with the standards and easy to implement.

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  • It is your responsibility

    It is your full responsibility to ensure the health and safety of people since they are on your site. Of course, you cannot watch all the dangerous points, particularly ladders which represent a major risk everywhere where they lead…

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  • Where Safety Matters

    Everywhere where safety matters, Coutier Industrie has developped a wide range of solutions allowing to avoid falls, intrusions and vandalism on your industrial or commercial installations; as a safety specialist, we allow you to leave nothing at random...

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