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Anti-climb systems for fixed ladder with or without cage

Access control door without hatch cover for any type of standardized ladder with or without cage, fixed at the bottom of the ladder, avoiding unauthorized people to climb. Locking by padlock.

Product for single access point (ascent and descent with the same ladder)


  Evaluation scale

In conformity with standards

NF E 85-012 (protection de type A) pour échelle à crinoline.

Zoom / Technical details

  1. The opening of the door is ensured by two hinges with high resistance spring. (specific by Coutier Industrie)
  2. Consignment in the opening by necklace + padlock.
  3. Each door is delivered with a label indicating the model and a serial number ensuring traceability of the products.
  4. Locking by padlock (provided).
  5. The panel is designed to allow if necessary the passage of an anti fall rail in central part of the ladder and an anti fall cable positioned in the axis of the right upright amount of the ladder.

Article numbers

Hinges on the left hand side, galvanized steel
Hinges on the right hand side, galvanized steel
Hinges on the right hand side, galvanized steel height 2 500 mm

Accessories (optional)


Mounting on standardized ladder (internal 400 mm between uprights).
Mounting on ladders with other width, fulfil the dimensional sheet.

By weld on steel ladder
By rivets
By metal jumper on aluminium ladder (optional kit M210)
By metal jumper on antifall ladder (optional kit M702)
By nuts and bolts on steel ladders (optional kit EXP2)
Estimate mounting time : 2 persons - 30 min

Complementary information

Self-adhesive signalling system been imperative by the standard NF E85-012
On stock - shipment within 48 to 72 hours
Guarantee 2 years
Individual cardboard box packaging
Certificate of conformity on request

Technical data

  • Double skin panel (thickness 1,5 mm).
  • Protected by Galvanisation with a minimal zinc thickness of 19,6 microns on each face, which corresponds to a 200 to 300 hours resistance to salt spray.
  • or realisation in Aluminium (thickness 1,5mm)
  • Locking by padlock (provided).
  • Hinges with spring to be adjusted for opening. (guarantee for outdoor use)
  • Opening direction : right or left.
  • Consignment in opened position by necklace + padlock.
  • Weight : 17 kg galvanized steel / 12 kg aluminium.
  • Device tested and validated by LNE (National laboratory of test).


Coutier Patented devices / The manufacturer reserves the right in modification without advance notice. Picture are not contractual.