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Sliding floor hatche made C2T

Sliding floor hatche made of painted steel.

Your constraints

  • Fixed ladders emerging under footbridges or passageways with opening creating a zone of danger.
  • Conformity with standards NF E 85-016 et EN 14122-4.
  • Obligation of setting-up of lifeline around the opening in the footbridge.
  • Impossible to set up a sliding floor hatche.
  • Bringing existing facilities into compliance.

Our answer

  • Sliding floor hatche, tear plate or steel slatted floor, fixed by bolting in the frame of the footbridge.
  • Unlocking when climbing with handle and when descending with pedal.
  • Automatic closure by hydraulic cylinder ensuring a permanent safety for the user.
  • Equipment is compatible with various open configurations.

In conformity with standards

NF E 85-016
NF EN ISO 14122-4


Technical details

  • Replacement of tip-up hatches :
    • The device allows to create a secure sliding floor which is naturally in closed position. It can be used in an exit ladder configuration but also for ladders leading to several levels of layered footbridges.
  • Access to the upper level:  :
    • Pull on the handle (3) and repulse the movable floor backwards (1). The hydraulic self-timer will ensure the closure and the locking of the movable floor after visit of the person.
  • Access to the lower level :
    • Make the same operation by acting on the rotating pedal (2) with the toe of the foot.
    • The pedal is integrated in the movable floor.
      The pedal is integrated in the movable floor - Sliding floor hatche made C2T - Coutier Industrie
      The sliding part, once closed and locked, ends up at the same level than the fixed floor. So, there isn’t any visible obstacle for the user who can borrow the footbridge in complete safety when the hatch is closed.

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Complementary information

Guarantee : 2 years

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